Caption these two happy penguins [Caption] Five civilians killed, 10 wounded in shelling of Gorlovka Woman goes to dentist to have a little work done, comes out with no teeth. It's the British way [Scary] Hasina fails to meet grieving Zia; turned away from gate Photoshop this sit and stretch [Photoshop] Ukraine’s parliament to gather for extraordinary session on Sunday Fire captain takes naked photos of 8-year-old dead girl who died in the 1944 circus fire down from the wall of his firehouse. And shockingly people have a problem with this [Sad] Russia’s, Bolivia’s upper parliament houses to sign cooperation agreement in 2015 FBI investigating 'credible' bomb threats at Atlanta airport [News] Timoshenko calls on Ukraine’s leaders to impose martial law in Donbass Scientists upload a worm's mind into a Lego robot. Hell I did that with my best friend's legos in the school sandbox back in 1983 and no one wrote anything about me [Interesting] Poroshenko: agreements reached on need of Geneva format talks Sensational NASA photo proves once and for all, beyond all doubt, that life exists on Mars [Spiffy] Duma speaker to attend PACE winter session TMZ catches John "Papa John" Schnatter eating someone else's pizza. Bonus: with a fork. OH THE HUMANITY [Obvious] Japan condemns new video, not yet verifying it's of hostages Woman decides that since she's at a wildlife sanctuary, all the animal are domesticated, so it's okay to reach an arm into a cage and try to pet an animal. Even when that caged animal is a 400-pound black bear [Florida] Donetsk region state administration says 30 people killed in Mariupol shelling Not really news: jewelry store robbery. News: $4.6 million necklace stolen. Fark: police are searching for the 12-year-old girl who did it [Strange] Medvedev arrives in Saudi Arabia to pay last respects to deceased King Abdullah