E-generator — a digital holding founded in 2002. We have launched and developed successful digital projects in the media, news, and social networking spaces. Our sites get around 30 million unique visitors per month.

Make the Web great again!

We launched E-generator.ru as a social network with an interactive component that fostered creative thinking and collaboration from people all over the world. It allowed people to make new connections as well as to efficiently complete various creative endeavors.

We built on this success, and spent the next 15 years working hard to launch dozens of new web projects. Eventually, through hard work and determination, some of these have become the market leaders in their segments.

We continued to improve and develop these projects, and today we find ourselves operating a huge digital media and advertising agency.

So, what’s next? The answer is in our motto - “Never stop creating.” It’s simple, but it serves to remind us that developing user friendly products via constant experimentation is in our DNA.

Despite our tremendous growth from humble beginnings, we are still interested in pursuing great new ideas in the news and social media arenas. We are also leveraging our years of experience in the digital media world in order to create more efficient and tools for publishers and advertisers. We have the knowledge and resources to improve this industry by relying on our spirit of pure and honest entrepreneurial adventurism.

E-generator.ru is always open to hearing new ideas from fellow entrepreneurs who have good ideas. If you’re working on an interesting project but think you could use some help taking it to the next level, please reach out. We love to collaborate with people who share our passion for innovation. At the very least we can offer some useful contacts, and there’s always the chance we end up creating the next great digital media project together!

Let's make the Web great again!


SMI2 is a Russian news aggregator and news network, and it is one of the most popular. It has a monthly audience of 17 million unique readers.

Since 2007, SMI2 has provided their readers with a choice of the most interesting and important news stories from the best media sources.

By combining high-level expertise in media, digital technologies, and online advertising, the SMI2 team has created an extremely valuable audience development tool for the Russian media.

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MirTesen is a social network based on user created content and personal recommendations. It was established in 2007, and now has a monthly audience topping 14 million visitors. E-generator has run the site since 2012, and we have been able to improve MirTesen’s core product while also turning it into a profitable, rapidly growing site.

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LabelUp is first Russian marketing platform for brands and influencers who create content in Instagram, YouTube, Vk, Telegram. 10000+ active influencers, 8000+ successful campaigns, 1500+ advertisers and brands.

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The E-generator Advertising Agency helps with ad sales for SMI2, MirTesen and other projects such as Finam.ru, Kino-teatr.ru, and more. We work with all the major Russian advertisers and have a firm understanding of how to create effective relationships. We especially know how to help publishers monetize their digital products in the most efficient way possible.

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Yury Belousov
Founder and CEO of E-generator Web Holding, CEO of MirTesen
Pavel Vlasov-Mrdulyash
COO in E-generator Web Holding
Maria Roubtsova
CEO in E-generator Advertising Agency



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